Final Need Planning

There are some things that you will need to keep in mind for end of life planning. Here are some hepful information submitted by Candy Greff with Sonoran Skies Mortuary.

Most Often Asked Questions for Final Arrangements

1. Durable Power of Attorney - goes away at death – allows you to make the decision of disposition for the person (Refer to ARS 36-831)

2. Certified Death Certificates – Only immediate family members, or persons who have documentation proving they need a Certified Death Certificate can obtain them from the Office of Vital Statistics.

3. Certified Death Certificates cost $20.00 each in most AZ counties.

4. Celebration of life, Memorial Service, Funeral Service – provide closure for family & friends.

5. Embalming - is NOT required for a direct cremation, but is required for public viewing.

6. Body Donation Companies have to hire a Funeral Home for the final disposition – and you CAN choose the Funeral Home you want to work with.

7. Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery does not charge for interment or honors.

8. Pre-Arranged services paid for through a 3rd party Insurance Company

a. Guarantees most pricing with the Funeral Home

b. Protects money from probate, government assistance

c. Can be moved to any funeral home

9. When death occurs at home –

a. Hospice Care – call your hospice company.

b. Non Hospice Care – call 911 to report death; have a preferred care doctor’s name & phone number available; ME may or may not take the case depending on the circumstances.

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