The Alliance Care Team (ACT) is a group of vetted senior-industry professionals, representing a very well-rounded segment of the support organizations that provide assistance during illness or the aging process.    Started by Jamie Flesher, RN, Certified Geriatric Care Manger and Owner of Advanced Care Management, LLC.   ACT was designed to offer the benefits of a one-stop shop for resourcing transitional care needs for any age, but with a strong emphasis on the senior and boomer population.  

The Alliance Care Team's mission is to provide advocacy, education and community resources to individuals and their families that are going through care transitions while promoting faith, health & wellness.  The primary modes of outreach at this time are a speaker's bureau with diverse topics, traveling health fairs that they bring to over-55 communities and churches, and their Aging Well Workshops (AWW) which are held twice annually. 


The Alliance Care Team's Speakers Bureau is a free resource to the community. You can contact the speakers directly if you would like someone to present at your community, church, private group or organization.  Please give us a call to request a list of speakers and their topics for your group.  



We have compiled a list of Telehealth providers.  These providers are not members of Alliance Care Team and have not been vetted.  We list them to provide you with more community resources.  

Be Emergency Ready


Your family member may someday have a medical emergency and need to go to a hospital Emergency Room (ER), which is also called an Emergency Department (ED).

An ER visit can be necessary but also stressful. It helps a lot to plan ahead to help you manage any emergency. This is one of the best ways you can help your family member.

We encourage you to have a personal health record prepared and keep updating it as needed so you will be ready for any emergencies. 


You can download a Personal Health Record form by clicking the button below.

The Conversation Project


The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people

talk about their wishes for end-of-life care.
We know that no guide and no single conversation can
cover all the decisions that you and your family may
face. What a conversation can do is provide a shared understanding
of what matters most to you and your loved
ones. This can make it easier to make decisions when
the time comes.